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Ark Athens is an architecture, construction and real estate development practice based in the beautiful Acropolis neighborhood of Athens.

Founded by architect Dimitris Oikonomou and civil engineer Evangelos Varoutsas and with a diverse team of architects, engineers, designers, visualisers and project managers, Ark is a firm that offers a complete range of bespoke services, mainly focused on high end residential developments, located exclusively in premium spots of Athens and throughout Greece.

Having the luxury to self finance and market our own projects we are able to control all stages of the development process from A to Z thus ensuring the ultimate quality control, level of detail and delivery time constistency.

Design is where
science and art break even

- Mieke Gerritzen -

What we do

We have a straight forward approach to our design and construction process.
Our designs are always fixed in maximizing functionality first, trying to avoid unnecessary architectural gestures.


We invest a lot of time and effort in designing with a very high level of detail and with viable and well tested materials thus ensuring aesthetic and structural longevity. Our team of architects create each design in a different way always having a sensible approach to our customers needs without sacrificing our quality principals. Having an in house visualisation team we are able to concieve the final result months before realisation.


Ark Athens began as a design team but soon evolved into a high end development firm. We realised at an early stage that the only way we can ensure our quality and aesthetic standards was to self finance our own projects. Having built a stable financial basis we are able to locate and develop in some of the most desirable locations. We are always on the look for new and interesting projects to develop in a variety of sizes and styles, mainly in the residential sector and always in interesting land plots.

real estate

Ark Athens develops and manages the selling process of our buildings. We pace our work and only market premium real estate properties. Trying to always be competitive and offer value for money products. We consider our work results as premium investments for the locations we pick, the construction quality we achieve and the timeless aesthetics our designs have.


Our philosophy is simple.
Always try to work like we are building our own homes. 
This is an approach that drives not only our design ethos but also our scholastic way of building. We believe that we are done with a project years after we deliver and only if the final product stands in the test of time.


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