Kolonaki One

Stratiotikou Syndesmou 5, Dexameni Square, Kolonaki

a new 3 property residential project in the exclusive Kolonaki area



Located in the heart of the premium Kolonaki area, a new residental 5 storey building will be erected by Ark Athens and will be available in summer of 2023. This bouqque building will be one of the very few newly constructed projects in an area that is always high in demand but famously short in available plots. It will feature only three residences occupying 5 above ground levels and 2 underground parking and storage levels.
Κολωνάκι, Σπίτι, διαμέρισμα, αγορά

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Kolonaki One

Availability Status


Apartment type: Apartment

Level: 1st

Status: Unavailable


Apartment type: Maisonette

Level: 2nd, 3rd

Status: Available


Apartment type: Maisonette

Level: 4th, 5th

Status: Unavailable

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